Douloufakis Winery


Dry Red Wine

Variety: Liatiko

Alcohol content: 14.3%

Grape Variety:The indigenous variety Liatiko is mainly found in Dafnes and produces dry wines, but can be used in sweet wines as well. A delightful and distinctive wine, that has attracted the interest of sophisticated wine consumers and wine lovers who are always in search of something special. For those who have never had the chance to taste Liatiko wines before, it will be a great tasting discovery. The wine is produced from the red variety Liatiko (100%), one of the noblest indigenous varieties of the Cretan vineyards.

Tasting: Liatiko variety gives us delicate and light wines with ruby colour. We suggest you try it in a burgundy shape glass that perfectly unfolds its aromas. It has concentrated aromas of fresh red fruits, herbs and light floral aromas. As it ages, develops a unique bouquet of ripe fruits, leather and spices. It has light body, good acidity, soft and delicious tannins and long aftertaste, traits that portrait it as a very elegant wine

Enjoy with: Should be served at 17⁰C. This wine could accompany a simple or complex food menu or just a special relaxing moment. A few perfect pairings are anglerfish with sauce armoricaine, pastirma pie (cured meat), light cooked rabbit stew and roasted lamb, that is a traditional Cretan dish.

Served at: 17 C°