Douloufakis WInery


Dry White Wine

Variety: Vidiano

Alcohol content: 13.6% Grape

Variety:An excellent wine produced from 100% Vidiano grape; a very old Cretan grape variety which has been ignored for many years, but due to the arduous and persistent efforts of some inspired winemakers of Crete has come back to the foreground and has given high quality wines in recent years.

Tasting: Pale golden colour. Peach and apricot aromas are dominant and quince traces. There are floral notes of chamomile, jasmine and herbs. Rich flavour with the same dominant aromas. On the palate well-balanced acidity, fullbodied with a fine finish.

Enjoy with: Should be served at a temperature of 9-10⁰C; it would be a fine accompaniment to fish, like sole “meunière”, John Dory, grilled mackerel and weakfish. It would also accompany pork with celery, the traditional Cretan pork with leeks, lamb “fricassée” with lettuce. It would also make an ideal companion to chickpea soup with lemon sauce or salad of boiled chickpeas with herbs.

Served at: 9-10 C°