Zivania Classic 2023


Zivania Classic 2023

Variety: Χynisteri & Mavro

Alcohol content: 40%

Vineyards: In 1996, LOEL winery pioneered with the first production and bottling of Zivana. That was the beginning of a long history for Cypriot spirits, highlighting and reinstating an important part of our Cypriot tradition, by making Zivana an integral part of our every day drinking habits. Up until that point, the traditional Zivana had been produced in an amateur way, now 25 years later Zivana LOEL is considered an official favourite among Cypriots who enjoy their food and drink. Today, it’s one of the most successful products of Laiko Group, making LOEL the largest producer of Zivana in Cyprus. The deep knowledge in the selection of the best grapes from specific varieties, and primarily the expertise in the distillation process, guarantees the exceptional quality and taste of Zivana LOEL. Zivana LOEL is the first choice of both Cypriots and visitors alike. It is good for fans of Zivana to know that it is produced from selected vineyards using the traditional Cypriot varieties «Χynisteri» and «Mavro» which is what make it authentic and unique. All of the above are what makes Zivana LOEL constitute an integral part of our Cypriot tradition.

Enjoy with: Cypriot & Greek food

Served at: 10 C°.